Paul arcane releases new single 'epicenter' on future sounds of egypt parallels

Paul Arcane makes his debut on FSOE's Progressive project, Parallels, with the absolutely ground-shaking 'Epicenter,' out now. Through a carefully-crafted balance of soft, melodic sounds pitted against more energetic elements, Arcane paints an enthralling picture that sucks you in immediately. 


The pulsating bass and accompanying kick in the intro prepare the listener for the intensity yet to come. When the melody comes gently in, along with sweeping ambient effects to set the scene, the mood shifts entirely. This bait-and-switch is all part of the plan, however. After a short breakdown, the intensity builds yet again thanks to some ominous, vague chanting, and, at the drop, the reintroduction of the bass-and-kick combo that pulls the listener in originally.


'Epicenter' is a track that refuses to be ignored; its constant ebb-and-flow is executed with the high level of talent Arcane usually shows, resulting in a coherent and commanding track that is ready for the club or your headphones, Give this one a listen, and stay tuned to FSOE Parallels. If this is any indication of the sub-label's trajectory, then they are on a good path.

Play 'Epicenter' here & follow Paul on social media for more:

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