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With his newly-released single 'Cold Summer', producer and owner of Ride Recordings Mario Egeto, a.k.a. Myon, insinuates a powerful contrast. As with 'Perfect Ghost,' another of his beautiful vocal tracks, the use of contrasting words in the title sets the listener up to find meaning in the space between two things that couldn't be further apart. I interviewed Myon with this idea in mind by asking him serious questions to turn up the heat, then some fun ones to cool it down. 

Listen to Myon's latest single here!

What was the most challenging part of producing 'Cold Summer'?

My health, definitely. So in 2017 I started writing the song with Jenn Blosil, but we couldn't finish the vocals because that's when I ended up in the hospital with multiple heart attacks. A year later we got to record Alissa Fuedo and she sounded great. I pitched her down which is why she sounds different. She's singing as ICON. 

What’s your favorite film or tv score?

Anything from Thomas Newman, really. Shawshank Redemption has one of the coolest scores. Reflekt actually sampled the strings from it in 'Need to Feel Loved'. 

What's the meaning behind the lyrics? Can you explain the significance of the title? 

It's a fictional story, I channeled my inner girl and wrote from her point of view with Jenn. I love the concept of putting opposite things together, like "cold" and 'summer" and "perfect" and 'ghost", you're forced to write something cool and explain it. If summer is cold, that means shit's not good, something is wrong. So it's the story of what went wrong. 

What can make or break a song for you?

Bad vocals. If it's pitchy,  if the writing is bad, that's just a no from me, delete. Bad mixing sticks out to me too. Bad musicality overall. 

What do you see in the future for Ride Recordings? What are some of your goals for the brand?

I want to grow Ride into more of a community. We are actually launching a mix compilation, it's gonna be two CDs mixed by two artists and it'll be called Ride Nation. We wanna grow the label into a home for our artists. We definitely want to start throwing shows and pool parties, which we are actually doing this summer. 

What’s your weird or unique talent?

[After deliberating for a couple minutes] I guess I don't really have one. When I'm drunk I become like a stand-up comedian, if I'm around people I'm comfortable with.

What part of DJ/Producer life is misrepresented or people don’t know about?

The struggle. Emotional, financial, career... overall, the struggle. I'm not one of those guys writing one-liners on Twitter about being all positive and happy all the time. I keep it real. I feel like, even though people might not wanna hear about the hard parts of it, they need to because it's real and it's happening.

What’s the most embarrassing song you actually love?

'I Want It That Way' by the Backstreet Boys... but I'm not ashamed of it. 

Have you ever considered quitting music or just wanted to give up?

Oh yeah, many times. There was a point when things just didn't work out. My mother died, I went solo, and people were just closing doors on me. There was an agent who stole a ton of money from my first tour and that made me want to just quit the Myon project and ghost produce. 

Who would headline your dream festival?

Other than myself? George Michael, Incognito,  LANY, Seal. In that order.

Is this where you pictured yourself a decade ago?

Kind of. I wanted to be solo earlier. I already finished my first career, that took my entire twenties, and now I'm in the second part of my career in my thirties. It's actually better than what I was expecting. I went much further than I thought I could go. 

Fuck Marry Kill DJ Edition: Nora En Pure, The Black Madonna, Paris Hilton

Hmm... I guess I'd have to kill The Black Madonna because I would totally marry Nora... then again, maybe I should  marry Paris cuz she has money. In that case I'll sleep with Nora. 

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