Those we left behind

'Forgotten Souls' fills the dance floor with heavenly bodies

     I have a soft spot for dark, smoldering techno, so when I heard the latest from Atleha and Dark Matter, I knew I had to share it. “Forgotten Souls,” out now Freegrant Music, is as hauntingly beautiful as the title would imply. Whispered lyrics draw the listener in from the beginning and set the scene for the subtle but well-commanded drop. The pulsating bass mixed with atmospheric vocals and effects will transport you to a basement club in Berlin or an alleyway spot somewhere in London.

     There is something more substantial to this track, however, than a floor-stomping techno club hit. The name is not just a catchy, mood-setting pairing of words. Alessandro Damato, a.k.a. Atleha, says that the influence for this track comes from “all the long-lost loved ones who have unfortunately passed away.” There is something sentimental woven into the fabric of this track, and it shows, particularly in the chords of the breakdown.

     When music makes you feel something, it has done its job. ‘Forgotten Souls,’ which Atleha says “is dedicated to those who are watching over us,” elicits heavenly, bright imagery, which stands in refreshing juxtaposition to the all-black aesthetic typically associated with techno.

Hear 'Forgotten Souls'  for yourself:

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