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Chris Giuliano Has Listeners Entranced 

28-year old Chris Giuliano taught himself to produce in college and finessed his abilities between days at work  trading stocks. After getting his M.B.A. he returned to his home, Los Angeles, and got serious about pursuing his musical ambitions. Releasing on Elliptical Sun Recordings and capturing the attention of his heroes, Above & Beyond, Chris is well on his way to dominating the charts and making a lasting impact on the scene.

Hey Chris! No one can stop talking about 'Dream You'. How did it feel to get three plays in a row on Above & Beyond's Group Therapy, including making record of the week?

I freaked out! I’ve been a huge Above & Beyond fan for more than a decade, so they’ve been probably the biggest inspiration for me. I keep up with them and the label- they’re legends in my eyes. So to even have my track on their radar, let alone getting record of the week, was just awesome.

Were you expecting it beforehand or was it a surprise for you?

You get a little bit of heads up like “Hey we’re gonna play your track this week." But, funny story: Adrian, the manager of Elliptical Sun,  got the email saying “'Dream You' is gonna be record of the week,” and then didn’t fucking tell me. They all told me “make sure you tune in, it’s gonna be track 5,” and I was already like “fuck yeah!”. So I was already happy, but then I’m waiting for the track to come on and suddenly I hear the voice say “record of the week” and my song plays and… I died. I just died. This is not real life! It was so surreal and just so awesome that they liked it that much.” 

It seems like things are moving pretty fast for you. Are you overwhelmed?

Yeah, it's overwhelming in a good way. I wanna make sure  I don’t  release tracks that I’m not super happy about, but that’s a good thing. It’s putting the pressure on for me to produce my best stuff.

Has music always been an important part of your life? Did you grow up with it?

I’ve been playing around with music for years and years. I started producing in college then kept it up when I started working. I also grew up playing guitar. Growing up doing that gave me a good basic understanding of scales and music theory which helps a lot in my production, like writing chords and melodies and stuff. I still play guitar. Actually, soon I’m gonna record some guitar to use in songs. Maybe it won’t just be raw guitar, I could process it to get some kind of atmospheric elements going.

I'm excited to hear how that goes! What else can we be expecting to see from you in the near future?

We’re doing a little remix pack of ‘Dream You’, and there’s kind of a secret little group we’ve formed. I cant say much yet but it’s in the works. I'm also working on a little triplets track. I'm planning on doing a regional, local track with this singer who also lives in LA. She's got a really great voice and it's not the typical trance sounds; not quite pop but it leans that way.

What are your goals as a musician and artist; what would be a dream come true for you? Playing festivals, releasing an artist album, collabing with your hero?

All of that would be really, really awesome. I would love to do an album or something that has a variety of sounds, not just trance. I just have such an eclectic music taste, so it'd be kinda cool to have an album that showcases different sounds and inspirational elements.

Which artists are you listening to right now who inspire you?

Obviously Andrew Bayer’s album is just top-notch. It’s so dynamic, like the differences from track to track and the creativity. He’s a genius and a huge inspiration. There’s Oliver Smith, whose tracks are so simple and effective. Fatum, of course, and also East & Atlas who I may be working with soon. I sent them some stuff but nothing’s official yet.

What do see happening in the future for Elliptical Sun? 

The producers on this label are all super talented. The quality is definitely there. The creativity is there, the releases are consistently great...I’m inspired by a lotta the guys on Elliptical Sun as well. Lotta great music and a major sense of camaraderie and family. We’re always pushing each other to make our best music.

What do you want to be able to look back on one day and say: “Hell yeah, I did that!”?

The most rewarding thing for me is to able hear from someone that a track I made them touched them in some way. I want to be able to stand out to someone. I want to have some influence over people’s emotions in that way.

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