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Bryn Liedl & Adrian Alexander chat with EFTA about their dichotomous new track,

'Brighter Days,' out now on Elliptical Sun Recordings

By name alone, it would be easy to assume Bryn Liedl and Adrian Alexander's new collaborative single, 'Brighter Days' (Club Mix), is sugar-sweet sunshine the whole way through. The story 'Brighter Days' has to tell, though, is much more complex. Liedl and Alexander speak an important truth through this track: without darkness, there can be no light

We are first thrust into the middle of a storm of heavy kicks and jolting synths that chill you to the bone. This ominous beginning soon subsides, though. Light peeks through the dark clouds as the melody is introduced, synths slowly fading like a morning fog. What remains is a beautiful melodic breakdown which avoids a pitfall not uncommon in trance: in the interest of contrast, some breakdowns end up...boring. Not so with 'Brighter Days'; the drop is a magnanimous celebration, a testament to happiness, to perseverance, to weathering the storm. 

The outro brings back those lightning-strike  synths, but this time it feels different. Having made the journey through the rain, into the brightest sunshine of a drop, we as listeners have changed. A truly well-put-together track does more than outline a story; it takes you on a journey entirely your own. We took that journey and, even though the darkness returns, we know that brighter days are always on the horizon.

Bryn & Adrian provide some context to this brand new track (and drop a couple secrets as well) in this interview. Check out what the artists have to say and give 'Brighter Days' a listen here.

This is a heavy-hitting track; what emotions does 'Brighter Days' elicit for you?


Well, I actually wrote the topline melody on my first electric keyboard about 12 years ago, so it's a bit nostalgic for me. I had taken it out of storage and was going through some of the banks I had recorded back in the day. When I stumbled upon the melody, I transposed the idea into the original track template, and it worked!

The idea I had for the club mix  was to play off the track's title. The beginning is very aggressive and dark, but when the melody starts to come in and transitions into the breakdown, the vibe suddenly becomes really uplifting and ethereal. The drop plays on that vibe, representing the “brighter days” that evolve from darker times



What feelings do you want to instill in your listeners?



When I’m making music, my hope is that the listeners can detect the passion I have for the production. If someone can listen to Brighter Days and feel uplifting and positive vibes, I’ll be more than happy.

I hope listeners will get that same uplifting vibe from the track, and if people out there are going through dark times, they’ll feel better after listening to the track, knowing that their brighter days will come.

How did you end up working together on this track?


I was actually working on the song by myself originally. Adrian and I had talked about collaborating before, but hadn’t decided on a project to start on. I was hitting a roadblock with an early version of the tune and knew right away that Adrian would be the perfect fit. Fast-forward a year later, and we now have this beauty called Brighter Days.

Bryn approached me in March of 2018.  He gave me essentially a full breakdown and drop, which ultimately became the original mix that was featured exclusively on Elliptical Sun Music 03.


What was the collaboration process like for you two?


Adrian was a joy to work with. We ended up using stems as the basis of our collaboration. This allowed us each to craft elements of the mix on our own and then bring them back into the main host project. Many messages were sent back and forth to get things dialed perfectly. I’m so happy with how the record turned out.

It went really smoothly.  Anything that we needed from each other, we hopped on immediately, and we were pretty much on the same page throughout the process.


Was there a particular part of production that tripped you up or was a struggle?


I think one of the challenging aspects for me was crafting the perfect bass line. Once Adrian came on board, though, we were able to bounce ideas back and forth with some great results.

I had originally written a bass line for the original mix, but as it stood, the overall original mix didn’t really grab the club-friendly edge that I wanted to contribute to the project.  As a result, the project sat on a shelf for the remainder of 2018, until I decided to use the original mix as an intro track to disc two of the recent compilation.  I wrote the intro piano bit in order to give it a more “intro” vibe, and Bryn and I agreed that we would do a club mix to release later in the year.  The club mix actually came together quite quickly once I decided to try the new chords I’d written with Bryn’s original melody.


If this track sounds familiar to anyone, that would be thanks to some big-name support, right? 


That's right! I really appreciate the support we’ve had so far from Armin van Buuren, who played our track on ASOT 922. Above & Beyond also gave us a play on ABGT 339.

Getting ASOT and ABGT support on the first week of promo was incredible.  I'm really hoping it will get a second spin on ABGT, and it would be awesome if it makes some of the Anjunabeats guys’ sets!  I certainly plan on hammering it out in Seattle when I play the ABGT Weekender pre-party.


What other upcoming releases can you tell us about?


I have a club mix of my track 'Always' with Dezza to look forward to in August. I’m also working on a special remix which I can’t talk about yet, but lets just say to keep your eye out for the latest on Euphonic Records.

After this, my next single (which will be my fourth collaboration with The Antipodes) will be out at the end of August, followed by a remix for a certain friend of mine, out later in the year.


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