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     Like a technicolor sunset, the crisp blue of Mitiska and Profetik’s recently released single ‘Blue’ burns with new colors in two remixes, released today. An afternoon poolside with the original turns into glowing dusk in Nitrous Oxide’s take. This remix maintains the optimistic feel of the original while adding a sense of anticipation with the quicker pace, much like the energy you feel on a summer night when the sun goes down, and you know anything is possible until it comes back up.  “The Nitrous Oxide remix perfectly taps into the classic uplifting Anjuna vibes,” Mitiska says of this track. “It gives you that nostalgic feel while still maintaining a new-school quality.”   

     Bringing us into the night is Sunny Lax’s version, which offers a harder edge fit for the clubs or wherever the evening takes you. “It manages to keep the original vibe while turning the energy levels up to 10,” Mitiska says. This high-energy mix feels destined for a festival. It has that certain feeling of being together with someone you love enough to dance like a fool around. Sunny knows how to bring the heat; a bassline that cuts through this track like butter is matched in intensity by the power of Julie’s voice ringing out solo in the breakdown. Even with three amazing versions of this track already, I would love to see what other artists would do to this track, because I cannot get enough.

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