Clear skies ahead:

   Mitiska and Profetik bring  sizzling summer anthem

 'Blue' to Ride Recordings

        Those who tend to see the glass half empty may think this track will be kind of a downer. With a name like ‘Blue’, all signs point to sadness. Apparently, I am a pessimist because I assumed just that. Intentionally or not, the title prepared me for darkness, which made it all the more exquisite when I pressed play and was immediately surrounded by audial sunshine.

       ‘Blue,’ which is being released on Myon’s label Ride Recordings, is destined to be on repeat all summer. Elements that set this song apart from other uplifting trance numbers are the coherence of the vocals and melody, as well as the ease with which it flows. “I didn't ever feel like we had a tough time with this track,” Mitiska remarks. “Things gelled very naturally and it came together quite quickly.”

       This absolutely infectious track is pure joy to hear. Julie Thompson’s strong but sweet voice has been ringing in my head since I first heard the song, and the lyrics have offered themselves up at moments in my day where I feel that skies are less blue and more grey. ‘Blue’ is sure to elicit “feelings of nostalgia and joy,” as Mitiska puts it, as soon as the opening triplet rings out. “It’s something you can listen to while kicked back on the beach, feeling the warm sand on your toes and a cold drink in your hand.”

       Thompson’s cheery vocals really steal the show, which is saying something considering the magic that Mitiska and Profetik wielded on the production front. Supporting the lyrics is an unobtrusive bassline, which allows the lighter elements of the song room to expand while still providing a heavy enough foundation to keep everything stable. Subtle, unique elements provide ambiance, such as the strum of guitar, the sound of which was recorded in Myon’s Hungarian studio on his mother’s classic Spanish guitar.

       Togetherness, happiness, and love are what inspired this song, and conversely are what this song will no doubt provoke in listeners. Mitiska and Profetik have produced something that embodies everything there is to love about trance. More than just a club hit to dance to, ‘Blue’ “beckons you to look up and appreciate how beautiful life can be when you’re with the people you love.”


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