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 "If someone can listen to Brighter Days and feel uplifting and positive vibes, I’ll be more than happy." -Bryn Liedl

Bryn Liedl & Adrian Alexander


"Even if your success rate isn’t high, you gotta somehow pick yourself up and keep going and not get pessimistic. That’s what happened with me." -Jared Rieger (The Antipodes)

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"I want to be able to stand out to someone.I want to have some influence over people’s emotions in that way." -Chris Giuliano

Chris giuliano


With Elevven I think we’ve tried to focus what we found unique about our sounds and write melodic, emotional music that still goes down well in a live setting."

-Swapneel Ukhalkar


"I'm not one of those guys writing one-liners on Twitter about being all positive and happy all the time. I keep it real."



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"I come to points in my life where I consider stopping music, because it does bring me a lot of stress. But it’s that high that keeps you going." -Declan James

Declan james


“I’m a bit of a control freak. I have a team now, and a label, and it’s hard to let go sometimes. I want to do everything myself." -Julian Gray

julian gray


April 30, 2019