The Antipodes


Check out 'Odyssey' here

     Good trance takes you on a trip; great trance brings you along on an adventure. The Antipodes' latest release on Elliptical Sun Recordings, 'Odyssey', does just that, with a true-to-form classic sound that still manages to pack an exciting punch.

     Already grabbing the attention of trance god Armin van Buuren and scoring a spin on ASOT 914, this track is destined for success. The almost Deadmau5-style synths in the breakdown build so much anticipation that my heart races every time I hear it.

     The drop is what really sends 'Odyssey' over the top, though. The culmination of the slow-burning energy that comes in the first half of the song is perfectly captured and released at the climax. 

      The Antipodes should expect many more spins from big names. If I don't hear this on ABGT in the next couple weeks I will be filing an official complaint! This track deserves to dominate the charts. It encapsulates everything there is to love about the genre, and true, clean trance is getting harder and harder to find. Take the journey for yourself and give it a listen! 

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