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Declan James & Lycii are no strangers to the trance game, nor to eachother; their new collaborative project, Parallels, kicks off with an Anjunabeats exclusive remix of Fatum, Genix, Jaytech & Judah's massive 'All In' 

Between the two of them, producers Declan James and Lycii have released on an impressive range of labels; from Enhanced to Monstercat to Mau5trap to OHM. With the launch of their collaborative trance project Parallels, they hope to bring a fresh perspective to the genre. The hotly anticipated remixes of Fatum, Genix, Jaytech & Judah's 'All in,' out now on Anjunabeats, feature among them Parallels' very first release. While each remix in the bunch brings something delicious to the table, it is Parallels' that packs the most powerful punch. 

With a sinister intro and synths you could drown in, Parallels' take on the iconic original of 'All In' is a step, or maybe a leap, in a new direction. "After making trance for so long, it was getting very formulaic and repetitive as far as doing things the same way we’d been doing them," Lycii told EFTA. "With that said, we both want to make music that pushes the boundaries of what trance can be and we both hope to create something that draws from all of our influences in order to create something truly new in the trance scene."











The duo, who both cite progressive supergroup Fatum as an early influence, are looking to evolve with the genre. "We believe that Trance as a genre has always been focused on the future, and we want to help push it there," Declan says. This remix is definitely a push. With elements that feel at once retro and brand new, this is an impressive take on the Anjuna brand of trance. The sweetly-echoing lyrics lose the relevance they hold in the original, as the absolutely enthralling amalgam of stylistic elements take over that role instead. 


Since they are out to create their own sound, don't expect pure, strict trance from these two. "We’re obviously influenced by a super wide range of artists, so I think it’s fair to say some Techno influence will seep into our records," says Declan who, having played Adam Beyer's Drumcode stage at EDC this year, knows techno when he sees it. "We likewise harbor a lot of influence from older Electro House, IDM, Breaks and all sorts of other weird stuff" he adds. No matter what your influence, I told the guys, please release some original vocal tracks! My wish was confirmed, as well as my hope for tour dates. There's nothing set in stone yet, but be on the lookout for Parallels at your favorite club or festival.








"Trance as a genre has always been focused on the future" -Declan

"We definitely make trance music better together than apart." -Lycii

Whether you're a producer or a lyricist or an administrative assistant, you probably are well-versed in the struggles that can come with collaboration. For Lycii and Declan, though, the process comes naturally. "We’ve been producing Trance records together for years, and after I quit making trance under my Declan James project, we had so much material stockpiled that we decided to start a new project to release it under," Declan says of the partnership. Despite this track record, Lycii says  "I don’t think either of us was expecting it to go so well until after we launched it." 

One listen to their remix will leave no doubt that production flowed seamlessly. With so many difference moving parts, it would be easy for a remix this ambitious to end up jumbled and incoherent. The boys have realized, though , they they are better together. 

"Part of the reason Declan and I work so well together is that we both think very similarly when It comes to music," Lycii says. "Areas Declan doesn’t pay as much attention to, when it comes to production, are the areas I obsess over and vice versa." One thing is for sure, continues Lycii: "We definitely make trance music better together than apart."

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